OPA Pearl Anniversary - 30 Years of Cancer Support

About Us

The Oesophageal Patients Association is an independent registered charity formed in 1985 when a few former oesophageal cancer patients met and found tremendous reassurance in sharing experiences. Since then, we have helped over 26,000 patients and carers. The members of the Association are all patients who have experienced oesophageal or gastric difficulties. We have prepared medically approved booklets and fact sheets on the problems, which we can talk about at first hand, understanding the fears that can be generated, the pains that can be suffered and the effects on the digestive system that can be experienced.

Informal meetings for patients and carers (family or friends) are regularly held at regional centres around the UK. Problems are aired and suggestions for overcoming them are exchanged. The essential aim is to enable new patients to meet and talk to former patients who have recovered, are back to work if not retired, and lead relatively normal lives.

Medical Support

We work closely with leading members of the medical profession in the UK and around the world. The teams who work with us include upper gastrointestinal surgeons, thoracic surgeons, clinical research scientists, gastroenterologists, oncologists, dieticians and physiotherapists, all of whom have extensive experience of oesophageal/gastric problems at centres where oesophageal and gastric problems are regularly treated. These teams provide continual support and advice to the Association.

We are recognised as a knowledgeable and responsible body, widely respected by the medical profession. We are working with the medical profession for earlier diagnosis, better treatments and improved outcomes. If you are prepared to register with us and tell us more about yourself, this information will enable us to influence the medical profession in areas of research, analysing and improving the effects of treatments more accurately and effectively.

By registering with our Association, you will also automatically become a member and will receive regular newsletters with up to date information and helpful features. You will also receive news of local patient support meetings. There is no cost to you.

NB Personal membership details supplied are confidential to the Oesophageal Patients Association and are not available to any other organisation without the prior permission of the individual. Information is store in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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