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  • A guide to life after surgery

    A guide to life after surgery

    You have had a major operation and feel that life can never be the same again. It can, with slight modifications, and it can be a very good life.

    The objective now must be to learn to live with the changes in your system so that they affect your quality of life as little as possible.

    There is no need for a special diet, you can eat and drink anything you like, but some guidelines may influence the way you eat. For example, for the first 4-6 weeks you should eat food which is soft and well cooked, and adopt a little and often regimeAlmost certainly you will develop a greater interest in healthy eating and that will be better for you too.

    The recovery period is slow, but slow steady improvement is best.  It is possible for people to return to their former fitness level in time, including running marathons!!

  • Swallowing - Nutrition when it's difficult

    Swallowing - Nutrition when it's difficult

    Difficulty in swallowing may be experienced for a number of reasons; for example, a growth may be being treated by chemotherapy prior to surgery or after surgery if considered helpful; a stricture may need dilatation (stretching); a tube (stent) may have been inserted within the oesophagus (gullet) to make a passageway through an obstruction; or during radiotherapy or laser treatment the ability to swallow may be affected. Whatever the reason, some thought may be needed as to what can be eaten, the nature of the food and its consistency. A diet of soft food often becomes variations on a theme of soup, jelly and ice-cream which can be very boring. This booklet aims to show that it need not be.

  • The OPA General leaflet

    The OPA General leaflet

    Our objectives are to help new patients and their families to cope with any difficulties arising as a result of treatment, giving support and encouraging them to achieve a good quality of life. This is done by providing information leaflets on  matters of concern, a telephone support line, arranging patient support meetings around the UK and, where possible, visiting patients in hospital or making contact during their convalescence. 

  • OPA Restaurant Cards

    OPA Restaurant Cards

    Two cards that can be discreetly shown to waiting staff in a restaurant. The first card states "Due to a medical condition I require urgent access to toilet facilities". The second card states "Due to a medical condition I am unable to eat normal portions of food. Please provide me with a child's size portion".  Please contact the office on 0121 704 9860.

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