What We Offer

Telephone Helpline; Available 9am—3 pm Monday—Friday. Our friendly, fully trained staff are here to help you however you are affected by oesophageal or gastric cancer and at whatever stage you find yourself at.

Support meetings; These are held around the UK throughout the year, inevitably most patients attending these meetings have had, or are going to have surgery. All Patients are most welcome but this emphasis is to be expected in discussions. Please use the map to find your nearest group.

Email; You can always email us a simple query, but if the questions are in depth please call the helpline. 

Booklets and Leaflets; Whether you have had surgery or not our medically approved booklets are available at no cost. 

  • A Guide to Life after Oesophageal/Gastric Surgery
  • Swallowing Nutrition When It’s Difficult
  • General Leaflet
  • Factsheets

(To download this literature visit our Download Page) 

Restaurant and Toilet Cards; Restaurant cards asking for a small portion of food due to a medical condition are available in English, French, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian

Toilet urgency cards are currently available in English, French and Italian. 

(For more information telephone 0121 704 9860) 

One to One Support; We also offer patients the opportunity to be able to speak directly to a former patient and gain reassurance that life can again be very good.

Newsletters; Sign up for our twice yearly Newsletter with articles of interest and latest news of treatments.

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