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The Oesophageal Patients Association (OPA) is an independent registered charity formed in 1985 when a few former oesophageal cancer patients met and found tremendous reassurance in sharing experiences. Since then, we have helped thousands of patients and carers. The members and subscribers of the OPA are primarily patients who have experienced oesophageal or gastric difficulties, not forgetting the hard work of their carers of course and the support of their families, friends and our excellent Health Care Professionals. We produce many thousands of our booklets, leaflets and information packs as a valuable reference to patients, carers and their families, including NHS Trusts, Macmillan, Maggie's Centres and many other organisations. All of this is supplied free of charge and paid for by the OPA. We would be grateful for any donations you could make so we can continue to help those who need it. - https://www.opa.org.uk/sections/opa-literature.html

Please note all OPA Groups operate under the OPA Charity Number (1062461)

Other meetings for patients and carers (family or friends) are regularly held at various groups held around the UK.  See our meetings page for further details - https://www.opa.org.uk/support-near-you.html

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