Acid Reflux Support on Health Unlocked

The OPA have a page for Acid Reflux sufferers on Health Unlocked, which is the world’s largest social network for health.

What is Health Unlocked?

Imagine a world where you can tap into the health experiences of millions of people – and translate these into an action plan with the support of expert patients and health organisations.

With 1 million members across the globe, and growing, Health Unlocked connect people with the same health conditions, where they can share experiences and get answers to questions about their chronic conditions and wellbeing needs - empowering people with knowledge for enhanced self-care.


How do I join Health Unlocked?

Please follow the instructions on the link below.


The OPA have the following pages on Health Unlocked.

Oesophageal Patients Association (OPA) -

OPA Acid Reflux Support -

OPA Carers Forum -

OPA Palliative Care & Guidance -


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