Eli Lilly Video and Update

The OPA Guildford Support Group and Elli Lilly have been involved in the production of a DVD entitled ‘What can I eat now? – Living with Oesophageal/Stomach Cancer’. This came about when the local dietician Fiona Huddy was approached to give her views about nutrition.

Elli Lilly visited the OPA Guildford Support Group in Feb 2016 to ask patients, family, members and carers what was important from diagnosis, through treatment and after.

It was agreed that the story line would be the patient journey from diagnosis, telling and giving their story and the specialist adding their views, knowledge and expertise in a way that patients will understand.

The intention of Elli Lilly was to make the film available to all patients via patient groups, charities and NHS trusts. With the endorsement of the OPA we are confident that NHS trusts will take the film on board and be able to give out to patients as diagnosed and put on the surgery pathway.

We must say thank you to Dave Chuter the OPA co-ordinator and all of the Guildford patients and family members who gave their views, knowledge and experience to Elli Lilly during 2016 to help develop the film, without their input it may not have such a successful film and provided the vital help to support patients.

For your free copy please go to the OPA Shop to place your order.

The DVD is also available to view on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzMpQXWXiiW-TG3EA-1yLfK7dIrFq6tmG


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