Have you ever wondered what’s inside supplements?

If so, here’s a quick lesson on everything you need to know about your supplements.

We Begin in the Nineteenth Century: Vitamins were discovered in the early nineteenth century and represented a major scientific achievement in our understanding of health and disease.

Isolated Vitamins are Discovered: Nobel prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi first isolated ascorbic acid from Vitamin C. He then went on to discover that ascorbic acid was most effective when it was intact with all its cofactors, just as it's found in food.

The Vitamin World Today: Despite Albert Szent-Gyorgyi’s discovery, the majority of vitamin and minerals on the market today are still isolated.The reality of the supplement market is that the vast majority of vitamins and minerals are produced by a handful of conglomerate pharmaceutical companies, all supplying cheap isolated forms of the nutrient.

So, what's wrong with isolated nutrients? The body can't recognise isolated nutrients as it does nutrients found in food and nature. Instead, it treats them as a foreign body to be expelled rather than fully utilised.

The Dark Side of Isolation: Most vitamin companies produce large doses in the hope that some of the isolated nutrients will find their way to where they're needed the most. Such large doses lead to irritation to the body. These supplements are usually recommended to be taken with food so that the chances of feeling unwell from them are masked.

A New Approach to Vitamins 

Together is forging a new path for vitamin supplements.

The ingredients we use to help make our products are sourced from whole foods, powerful plants, and the mineral-rich depths of the seas. In nature, nutrients are provided with lots of natural compounds known as cofactors. These compounds help each nutrient find its way to where it's needed in the body.

Studies Show Effects of New Approach: Numerous studies have shown that our nutrients are better absorbed, retained and utilised than standard isolated vitamins because they’re complete with natural cofactors and compounds. Plus, our supplements are easily digested, gentle on the stomach, and can be taken with or without food.

If you have any questions or are curious to find out more you can visit our help centre to get answers or get in touch via email at hi@togetherhealth.co.uk or have a chat with us over the phone on 0113 457 0500.


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