Important message to our Fundraisers - My Donate is closing down

My Donate

We wanted to let you know that My Donate is closing down on 30th June 2019. For all of our Fundraisers on My Donate, we have added the frequently added questions below with some more information. 


1) When is the last date that donations can be made?Sunday 30 June 2019 is the last date you can make donations on MyDonate.

2) We're a charity and take donations through MyDonate, what will happen after 30 June 2019? 
Donations made up to midnight on 30 June 2019 will reach charities within 30 days and we're working with HMRC to make sure all Gift Aid is paid as quickly as possible. You can find out more about how to access your data in our Privacy Policy here

3) What if my fundraiser ends after 30 June 2019?
You'll still be able to accept donations up to midnight on 30 June 2019, after this date donations will no longer be accepted. Any funds raised up to 30 June 2019 will be sent to your chosen charity

4) What happens if I make regular donations through MyDonate?
We'll process any donations you make before midnight on 30 June 2019 as usual. But after this date you'll no longer be able to donate. 

5) Can I transfer my raised funds to another donation site?
No but you can continue to collect donations through MyDonate until midnight on 30 June 2019 when raised funds will be processed. If you'd like to continue to fundraise after 30 June 2019 you'll need to use another service. 

More FAQs here.

We are now using Virgin Money Giving


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