Thank you for the donation and story!

We send our best wishes to Amy Shackleton and her family and a huge thank you for their kind donation to the OPA. BIG congratulations to Malcolm on 

completion of his successful treatment of oesophageal cancer!

Read Malcom's Story...

Malcolm aged 75 was recently diagnosed with oesophageal cancer.  Thinking it was just acid reflux he tried pretty much every antacid medication he could get.

Eventually after a visit to his GP and advising the GP that his twin brother had died from oesophageal cancer 17 years ago, he was immediately referred for a scan. However due to the unexpected arrival of the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic his surgery was cancelled.

As you can imagine Malcolm and his family were devastated, but then he was offered Radiotherapy as an alternative and possibly as a curative treatment.

We are now delighted to send our best wishes to Malcolm on his successful treatment.  Thank you to Malcolm and his family for the donation to the OPA. The family even purchased a new bell for Malcolm to ring at the end of his radiotherapy.  What an amazing story ......


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