Virtual Movie Night

For a virtual Move Night, you could treat this like you are going to the cinema or theatre. Although these places are currently shut, we do have websites/apps where watching movie's is available, you could use Netflix, Disney +, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and so many more. You could set up a VMG or JG page and charge people £5 or £10, so they will donate to your page to "buy" their ticket to watch the movie you will be watching. 

Example - Pick your movie and make sure all your participants can access this film. You could set up a group chat on Whatsapp/IMessage, where all of the people taking part in the movie so you can discuss/ask questions about the film etc. 

Tips -

  • Everyone could choose a film they would like to watch, you can add all of these into a random generator and let the generator decide! 
  • You could also charge people for their snacks/drinks - just like going to the cinema! 
  • A donation challenge where in the movie whenever a specific thing occurs like a kiss or a fight, everyone has to donate extra money - this can be decided from the group as well as the cost. 


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