Our Patron

Fiona Wade, our patron, and the OPA have been working to together to create a series of videos. You can view the videos below. Fiona Wade plays Priya Sharma in the popular TV series "Emmerdale".

Message from our Patron, Fiona Wade:

“Ten years ago I lost my father to oesophageal cancer. He was such an amazing person, the best father I could ever wish for and it was so sad and shocking when he was diagnosed. I had never heard of this type of cancer before and I always feel to this day that if we had been more aware of oesophageal cancer or reflux disease then for sure earlier diagnosis would have made a huge difference and maybe saved his life.

Early diagnosis by spreading awareness is absolutely key in saving lives from this cancer, so please help us to carry on doing all we can to make people more aware and help us to save lives and to support and reassure every patient who needs our help. Thank you.”

View our legacy leaflet here which includes Fiona's Story.













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