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These meetings are held for patients who have had, or are about to have, major surgery for the removal of part (or all) of their oesophagus and stomach. Local specialist surgeons, nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists are always invited to attend to answer your questions so that you can learn more about what has happened to you. The meeting will have a friendly format and you will be made very welcome, with former patients available as hosts for new patients and their family and friends. Those who have made contact with the OPA to inform us that they have had an oesophagectomy/gastrectomy will automatically be invited. Please note that it is inevitable that most patients attending these meetings have had, or are going to have surgery. All oesophageal/gastric cancer patients are most welcome but this emphasis is to be expected.

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Please take a look to find out where your nearest meeting are held. Check also with your Upper GI Nurse Specialist who often hold their own support meeting at their own hospitals, or contact the Co-Ordinator.

For groups and meetings in Scotland, please go to our Scotland page.

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